The Roundelian

The Roundelian is the Illini Chapter’s Quarterly Newsletter. It is disbursed to all the members within the chapter, as well as surrounding dealers. It always includes Rowdy’s Ramblings (our President’s quarterly column), Features on recent chapter events, and, of course, articles from other board members. Are you interested in writing an article for the Illini Chapter newsletter? Contact the Illini Chapter’s Newsletter Editor if you are interested. Here’s what our member’s have to say about the Illini Chapter’s “Roundelian”

Nothing excites me more than catching up on the chapter happenings (even if only quarterly) – it’s a constant reminder of the growth of the Illini Chapter!
– Sean Hayes (Decatur, IL)


This chapter was on it’s last leg not too long ago – the Roundelian was one thing that kept this club alive!
– Rick Roudabush

Check out the Roundelian Archives for the newest and the oldest newsletters – always fun to read about the Illini Chapter’s humble beginnings.

Have a question, suggestion, or want an article in the Roundelian? Fantastic! Contact our Newsletter Editor!

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