The Illini Web Presence Has Begun!

Well folks. Here it is! ILLBMW V1.0! Given the time constraints (and the fact that we wanted a website as soon after 1st Qtr as possible), this design should definitely suffice for now (I think it looks pretty decent – let me know what you think!). I won’t make any promises, but I would like to revamp and more “personalize” our design within the next year, but that will happen in due time!

This is only the beginning of the Illini Chapter web presence. If you and your fellow members decide they want this site to become more interactive, let us know. The possibilities are endless. We could have our own Classifieds system, our own forum, everything – you name it, we can do it. For now, we’ll Keep It Simple – but who knows, maybe a bigger more complex website is on our horizon? Time will tell…

What does the new website offer, you ask? Well, right now, it’s hopefully a wealth of information. Click Here to view a Site Map of the entire website. I’ll also give you a small preview of what the website holds!

  • The Roundelian – our newsletter. This page will contain the current published version, as well as our historical archive.
  • Events Summary – this page contains a comprehensive list of all the events we organize on a regular basis, including a listing of upcoming occurrences of each.
  • Leadership Summary – these pages contain details about your loyal board members – find out more about us!
  • Calendar – the bread and butter of our website. Our club revolves around events – the Calendar page is the go-to place to see what’s going on!
  • Sponsors – naturally our club would be nowhere without our generous sponsors.
  • Useful Links – I added this page because I remember before the days of Google and how hard it was to find good sites on the web – why not help ya out!

I’ll just stick with that for now. Feature wise, you’ll notice the Facebook, Twitter and Google logos plastered all over the website. Social networking is the in-thing these days – so Like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google+ and Tweet about us on Twitter. Let’s make the Illini Chapter even bigger and more successful!

Until next time, keep all that salt off your bimmers!


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