What is autocrossing?

Autocrosses are low-speed timed driving skill events. They reward car control and skill yet, most importantly, are fun! You don’t need to be Mario Andretti and have an M3 Lightweight to do well. They consist of timed solo (i.e., you are alone on the track) laps of a twisty course laid out using traffic cones. The objective is to drive around the course without hitting any cones or missing gates. The main attraction of autocrossing is that it allows drivers to compete in a safe environment. Not only are the speeds low (under 60 miles per hour at the fastest point in a lap) but also the course is laid out such that the only obstacles are soft traffic cones.

For autocrosses in the Peoria/Central Illinois area please visit the following websites:

For autocrosses at other BMW CCA chapters, check out the listing of nearby chapters on our Useful Links page.