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Meet the Board

President:  Bruce Huber, Morton

Bruce’s early cars had 3 pedals: a ’74 Audi, ’78 VW and the first of the Taurus SHOs, an ’89.  He joined the BMW CCA in ‘99 when he bought his first BMW, the e39 540i V8 with M-Sport options and 6-speed (of course).  “Family cars” followed: a 2001 740i (“Sporty Shorty,” the last of the classic e38s); then a 2010 X3 and a 2015 X3.  Today the 2000 540 is his hobby car and his daily driver is a 2017 X4 M40i.  Bruce retired from a career in engineering, marketing and technology management. He served as Secretary of the Illini Chapter from 2005-07 and 2018-22, and as President for 2022.  He’s volunteered as the classroom instructor of our TRSS driving school for the last two summers.

Vice President & Social Events Chair: Rick Roudebush, Canton

Rick has been a BMW CCA Member since 2004, and was one of the original Board Members when the Chapter reorganized in 2008. He’s been one of the most active Members: a previous President, setup and teardown lead for TRSS, and who, along with his wife, Sonja, has served as the Chapter’s Social Events Chair for several years. Rick and Sonja have a spectacular BMW collection: a 1988 M6 Shark, 2001 Z3 M Roadster, 1995 M3 coupe, 1998 M3 coupe convertible, 2001 Z3 M Roadster, 2007 Z4 coupe, 2013 M5 and 1970 e9 2.8 CS under restoration! Rick demonstrated excellent leadership in the early ‘Teens by getting more members involved in organizing and conducting club events. He claims that he demonstrated good judgment by marrying Sonja AFTER her Dad finished paying for her college education. Both he and Sonja were born and raised in Canton, IL, where they attended school together and reside today. They have one daughter in the area, whose husband is a real car guy too.

Treasurer: Craig Bryce, Normal

Craig is a long time resident of Central Illinois.  He has been a BMW owner since 2010, a Club Member since 2013 and currently has a 2016 M2 manual and 2017 330i Sport Wagon.  Two of his three BMWs have had three pedals, and he had the fastest lap and slalom times of his BMW Performance Driving School class in Thermal, CA.  Craig has volunteered as a “cone monkey” for years at the Tire Rack Street Survival schools.  At one time he subscribed to six car magazines simultaneously!  Craig knows his way around numbers and financial spreadsheets, and currently serves as Treasurer.

Secretary:  James Moses, Eureka


James has been a BMW CCA Member for over ten years.  During Street Survival he can be found directing traffic at the J-turn and picking up cones while his wife Sherrod instructs the students from the passenger seat.  (James can relate to the students as he has learned to take direction over their 20+ years of marriage).  He does not own the fastest or flashiest cars, but arguably two of the best cars BMW has ever built: an e39 2001 530, and fully restored 1973 2002tii.

TRSS Chair: Rick Largen, Lakewood


Rick has long been involved in the Tire Rack Street Survival program. He has been an instructor with the program since 2009 and Chairman since 2014. After taking over the program, Rick initiated the Club hosting two schools in one weekend.  He was elected to the Circle of Excellence by the BMW CCA Foundation because of that, but he’d be the first to say that his selection was just a representation of the excellent people who work in the program at the local level. Rick retired from the Illinois State Police after 26 years, and served as an instructor at the Skip Barber Racing School.  He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he served for eight years.  Rick and his wife Kim reside on a small farm in rural Shelby County. Rick claims Fort Bragg, North Carolina as his hometown. He became a resident of the state of Illinois after his father retired from the US Army in 1973. Rick says being the son of a soldier had its benefits; living in Okinawa for four years and in West Berlin, Germany for four years were the highlights of his youth. Rick has two sons, Robert and Allan. His hobbies are working on and driving his cars, taking care of the animals on his farm, and traveling.

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