Street Survival

2017 Street Survival dates have been set for May 6 and May 7! If you would like to volunteer,  please read below. Rick can use all the volunteers he can get. If you have a son or daughter of driving age, please head on over to the MotorsportReg registration page.

Click Here to contact our Street Survival Chairman, Rick Largen, with all your questions & comments! Want to volunteer? Click Here!

The Tire Rack Street Survival teenager driving school is one of the biggest and most important events that the Illini Chapter sponsors each year!

The primary emphasis of Tire Rack Street Survival is a “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations! We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them.

The students will become more observant of the traffic situation they find themselves in. They will learn to look far enough ahead to anticipate unwise actions of other drivers. As the students master the application of physics to drive their cars, they will make fewer unwise driving actions themselves. They will understand why they should always wear their own seat-belts, and why they should insist that their passengers wear seat-belts, too!

Check out the official Tire Rack Street Survival website for more information.