Join the BMW Car Club of America

Great to see you’re interested in joining the BMW CCA! It is the largest car club in the world and it was started by enthusiasts of one of the best brands in the world, BMW!

Before we go any further, you should know – you do NOT need to own a BMW to join! Just know, that you’re missing out on a fun experience. Perhaps a Board Member may let you take their BMW around the block!

Why should you join?

One of the best reasons to join is to receive the exciting, full-color magazine called the Roundel  ten times a year!  Declared “one of the best car-club magazines in the world” by Car and Driver, it features the latest about the cars, performance, tech and racing.  Of course, there are many other Member benefits, including the following:

  • BimmerLife, a semi-annual lifestyle magazine featuring activities of all twelve Chapters in the North Central Region of BMW CCA
  • OUTSTANDING Yearly Raffle – for $25/ticket, enter for your chance to win the car of your dreams – all proceeds go to the BMWCCA Foundation
  • Driving schools, autocrosses, rallies,  Street Survival schools, local meets and get-togethers, and the BMW CCA Club Racing program
  • Access to technical advisors, the Club Ombudsman, and online forums—all designed to improve and maintain your BMW driving experience
  • The BMW CCA Membership Reward Program which may entitle you to a rebate of $250 to $1,500 from BMW NA on the purchase or lease of a new or Certified Pre-Owned BMW from an authorized BMW Center
  • Discounts on car insurance, tires, shipping services (including vehicle shipping), hotels, rental cars, moving services, AND MORE!
  • A 15% discount on driving programs at the BMW Performance Center
  • Insurance Discounts from Amica Insurance
  • National events like O’Fest Forever—a vacation for gearheads, in a different part of the country every year!

Head on over to the BMWCCA National’s website to learn more.

Illini Chapter Benefits

Oh, but we’re not done there! If you are within the Illini Chapter’s boundary’s, you’ll also enjoy the Illini Chapter benefits below:

  • Close relationships with the local BMW Dealers, thanks for multiple Illini Chapter & BMW Dealer joint events – get to know that mechanic that always works on your Bimmer!
  • Fantastic social events – we hold annual events, including the Holiday Dinner, that are sponsored by the club, lowering the cost to the chapter members and increasing the folks that can attend
  • Personalized leadership – your board takes a very keen interest in you, as our valued chapter member! Need an answer on something? Not sure where to get your part? Want to see a new event as a regular chapter occurrence? We are here to listen – the Illini Chapter is all about the members!
  • Reminders about regional events – the Illini Chapter is a small chapter when compared to our nearby brethren  – we will make sure you know what driving schools, autocrosses, and social events are occurring at the nearby BMW CCA Chapters, including the Windy City & St. Louis chapters, just to name a few!

What’s the cost?

Why does everyone always go straight to the money? Ok, ok. Makes sense. There are a few payment options, listed below:

  • $58 for 1 year
  • $159 for 3 years
  • $270 for 5 years
  • $1750 for a lifetime membership (never renew again – If you love BMW’s as much as us, just skip straight to this!)

Have questions? Give your Chapter Board Member a call because not only would they love to get to know you, they’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t worry, we are just BMW enthusiasts like you.

No questions? Great, that means you’re convinced to join us! There are a few ways to join…

By visiting

Click here to sign up using the BMWCCA’s secure form. If you’re a former member or if your membership has lapsed, do not use the online form. Call the National Office at 1-800-878-9292 to renew.

By contacting the Illini Chapter Board

As mentioned above, everyone on the board is here to serve you. Meet Our Board and pick someone to call – be it the president or the board member closest to your geographically, which we recommend.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and your awesome car, soon!