About the Club

You may be wondering who we are and why you should join us. Here are a few of the key highlights about the Central Illinois Chapter of BMW Car Club of America:

  • We are the biggest single marque car club in the world. The Club has close relationships with BMW North America and we even have high-up BMW folks joining us at national events!
  • The BMW CCA is known to run some of the best high performance driving schools, with some of the best in car instructors. Being a member gets you discounted rates, and in some cases, priority registration.
  • Remember that 1M? The car of which only 1,500 were made? That was designed with direct input from the BMW CCA – just think, having your voice heard by a company that builds M CARS!
  • Not everything is about the brand – it’s also the camaraderie. Although the Illini Chapter is smaller in numbers and somewhat dispersed compared to nearby chapters in Chicago and St. Louis, we have some fantastic social outings!

Still not convinced? Ok, ok – you don’t have to be a member to volunteer and take part in our autocrosses and Street Survival events, but there are many many other benefits that may spark your interest.

So we’d love for you to join, but you’re welcome to join some of our events first – get to know us, see if it’s a good fit. Make your decision below…